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BuddyGays 2023 Review

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If you’re looking for support on BuddyGays, don’t hold your breath. I had the misfortune of trying to get help from them a couple times and it was an absolute nightmare! The response time is incredibly slow, if they even respond at all. There isn’t much in terms of FAQs either – so good luck getting any answers quickly!

I contacted their customer service multiple times about some technical issues with my account but never got a satisfactory answer or resolution to my problem. It felt like I was talking into thin air – no one seemed interested in helping me out or taking responsibility for anything that went wrong on their end. They just kept giving me generic responses and then leaving me hanging without any real solutions or follow-up emails after that initial contact…talk about frustrating!

When it comes to finding assistance through BuddyGays, let’s just say there are better options out there (trust me). Even when I tried reaching out via social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, nothing came back except crickets chirping away…not exactly what you want when you’re desperately seeking help online while using a dating site specifically designed for people who need companionship during these tough times we live in nowadayyys!!

Overall experience? Not great Bob – not great at all….

Karenna Alexander

Karenna Alexander is an online dating expert and reviewer with a passion for helping others find the perfect match. She has dedicated her life to understanding the complexities of modern romance, and how technology can help make it easier. A graduate from Harvard University, Karenna holds a degree in Psychology with a focus on relationships. Her extensive research into this field gave her insight into what makes people tick when it comes to love - which she uses as inspiration for her reviews today! After graduating college, Karenna decided that she wanted to use all of the knowledge gained during school towards something meaningful: helping other singles navigate their way through digital dating sites and apps safely while also having fun along the way! As such, she began writing reviews about various platforms so that users could get an honest opinion before signing up or downloading anything new. Over time, Karenna's expertise grew exponentially; eventually leading to interviews on popular radio shows like The Love Show where listeners would call in asking advice regarding their own relationship woes or experiences using different websites/apps available out there now-a-days.. This allowed more people access information they needed without ever leaving home – something both practical & convenient given our current circumstances due too COVID19 pandemic restrictions worldwide . Nowadays you can find articles written by Ms Alexander published regularly across multiple media outlets ranging from Cosmopolitan Magazine right down your local newspaper’s website discussing topics related not only just online but offline matters as well (such as tips/tricks dealing wth body language etc). With over 10 years experience within industry , its no wonder why many have come turn rely upon Ms Alexander’s wisdom whenever seeking guidance pertaining love lives !

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